Metamagnetics Wins Multiple Federal Contracts This Year

Posted by Anton Geiler on 11/14/13 4:00 PM

Advanced ferrite-based solutions provider, Metamagnetics, receives three SBIR Phase I contracts from NASA, NAVSEA, and the Office of Naval Research, focused on supporting early-stage, high-growth companies to commercialize its technological innovation.

SBIR_logo.jpgMetamagnetics, Inc. was recently awarded three new Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I grants from the NASA, NAVSEA and the Office of Naval Research. The company has won 10 SBIR contracts since 2010. Based on the results achieved in Phase I, which include establishing the scientific and technical merit, feasibility and commercial potential of the proposed R&D efforts by the small business awardees’, federal agencies provide further support in the form of Phase II awards. Metamagnetics has a 100% success rate transitioning from Phase I to Phase II for its five Navy SBIR awards. Below are the three recently funded SBIR projects with Metamagnetics as the primary contractor:

-SBIR Phase I: NASA (Awarded May 2013)
Self-Biased Radiation Hardened Ka-Band Circulators for Size, Weight and Power Restricted Long Range Space Applications
Metamagnetics will address the size and weight constraints of advanced satellite platforms, which incorporate high-frequency phased array systems. These satellites are used in an increasing number of Earth science space exploration programs including weather radar, terrain mapping and long-range communication.

-SBIR Phase I: Department of Defense (NAVSEA) (Awarded June 2013)
New Radar/EW Transmit/Receiver Modules and Assemblies Technologies
Metamagnetics will investigate the potential use of vanadium dioxide, a metal insulator phase-change material, in next generation microwave devices used in advanced communication, EW, and sensor systems with an emphasis on reduced cost and improved performance over state-of-the-art technologies.

-SBIR Phase I: Office of Naval Research (Awarded October 2013)
Compact, Repetitive Pulsed Power Driver Design for Emerging High Power Radio Frequency Sources
Metamagnetics will develop compact, highly efficient and versatile pulsed high-voltage sources for applications in high power radio frequency and microwave sources. This dual-use technology may be used in communications, sensors, medical and industrial equipment.

“We are very excited about receiving the Phase I SBIR grants and addressing the new set of challenges associated with these opportunities. These awards are a testament to our relentless pursuit in developing and deploying innovative technologies to enhance mission critical security and defense systems. Our engagement with the Navy and NASA to pursue their requirements will not only facilitate the rapid transition of reduced size, weight and power (SWaP) and lower cost solutions critical to the success of military operations, but will also provide us with the necessary seed funding for bringing our advanced technology to commercial markets,” said Dr. Anton Geiler, Metamagnetics’ Director of Research & Product Development.

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